Why Do Charters Get to Play by Different Rules?

The research is clear: Charter schools do not perform better than public school districts. Yet, they are often better funded than the neighboring public school districts and don’t have to follow the same rules.

Charters don't play by the same rules

Public schools are held to a higher standard than charters:

  • Charter schools do not serve all students. State law allows charters to exclude from enrollment any student who has a discipline history — even for minor offenses.
  • Charter schools are allowed virtually unlimited growth, with more than 700 new charter school campuses approved over the last 10 years with no voter input.
  • Although they receive public funds, charter schools are privately operated with self-selected boards.

Charters cost Texas big time

Charter schools drain resources from public schools:

  • State funding to charters has tripled over the last nine years.
  • Charters spend more on administration than in the classroom.
  • Charter schools pay teachers less and hire more inexperienced teachers.

(Source: Setting the Record Straight on Charter Schools in Texas, published August 2020)

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