Time is running out.

Tell conference committee members what public school supporters want from HB 3.

We appreciate lawmakers making public schools a priority this legislative session and working hard to pass school finance reform bills (HB 3) in both chambers. The House and Senate will now meet in a conference committee to hash out the differences in their bills.

Tell your lawmakers to keep these important points in mind when crafting the final school finance bill:

  • An increase in the basic allotment is the most equitable way to support students and teachers.
  • Increases in the basic allotment directly reduce recapture payments.
  • Full-day pre-K for our neediest kids is essential to their future.
  • Tying the hands of districts with a $5,000 across-the-board teacher and librarian pay raise will lead to budgeting problems in the future. An increase in the basic allotment is the best way to increase pay for teachers and for all district staff.
  • Tax revenue caps take away local control and limit a district’s ability to bring in revenue if funding is cut by the state.
  • ​Tying school funding to third grade STAAR testing is dangerous and a burden on young students.
  • School start date restrictions prevent Districts of Innovation from developing school calendars that reflect local community priorities and from providing their students the same opportunity to prepare before the STAAR tests as charter school students. The same rules should apply to all public schools.

Send a letter to HB 3 conference committee members using the form below, and ask them to take action to support Texas public schools.


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